Please note our records before 1984 are not available, do you know soemone that played over 75 games for the club? Please email their name to for further follow up.

Like all clubs and organisations Walkerville Cricket Club is only as strong as its members, luckily we have been blessed to have many players that have committed to the club over a long period of time. Once a player plays minimum 75 games and 7 seasons they qualify for player life membership at WCC. Walkerville Cricket Club would like to thank the people listed below for their many years of service and committment to the club. Well done on achieving this milestone and please remember you are always welcome at the club anytime.  

Tony Marzari

Bruce Mayberry

Kym Reid

Malcolm Alyiffe

Bruce Wedding

Iggy Mareolas

Darcy Wright

Shaun Mathieson

Garry Muggleton

Phil Holbrook

Leo Panzarino

Graeme Tiggemann

Craig Jervies

Steve Wade

Paul Wareing

Brent Felice

Tom Ahern

Player Life Members

Vic Bishop

Craig Brooks

Craig Burford

Tony Burke

Craig Carter

Craig Cox

Cory Drew

Dave Farrell

Chris Harcourt

Peter Hewish

Stuart Hinksman

John Hutchinson

Will Walker

Richard Vanderlinde

David Fox

Brett Knowles


Trent Johnson

John Lamp

David Mason

Ian Mazure-Johnstone

Andrew Naffin

Brett Nottage

Keith Parry-Jones

Jack Pembshaw

Andrew Reid

Mark Reid

Paul Reid

Andrew Russack

Simon Laube

Wes Usher

Lachlan Nance

Jarrod Hooper