2009/10 Michael Sarson & Craig Cowlands

2010/11 Peter Hewish

2011/12 Anthony Dichera & Norm Bear

2012/13 Mark Nance

2013/14 Daniel Giles

2014/15 Mark Nance

2015/16- Leo Panzarino

2016/17- Mark Webber

2017/18- Mark Webber

2018/19-Mark Webber

2019/20 Mark Webber

Wakerville Club Person of the Year

There is no greater honor than to be recognised by your peers as someone that adds value, integrity and lives and breathes the Walkerville Cricket Club way of life. The WCC Club person of the year is voted by the WCC committee and is open to all sections of our great club.  Without all the support staff, sponsors and members our club would not be as strong as it is right now. Thank you and congratualtions to all that are listed below for making Walkerville Cricket Club a better place for all involved.

2001/02 Bruce Wedding

2002/03 Janet Reid & Chris Harcourt

2003/04 Andrew Russack

2004/05 Janet Reid & Iggy Mareolas

2005/06 Leo Panzarino

2006/07 Neil Powell

2007/08 Shaun Mathieson

2008/9 John & Katrina Hutchinson



Past Club Person of the Year